Netball Court Specialists in Bristol

Netball Court Specialists in Bristol

We offer a range of services for netball court facilities including designs, full construction, painting and maintenance of different surfaces.

Netball Surfacing Experts in Bristol

Netball Surfacing Experts in Bristol

Our team can offer advice on costs, designs and specifications to install or maintain a netball court facility at your school or sports club.

MUGA Netball Facility in Bristol

MUGA Netball Facility in Bristol

Netball court surfaces often have contrasting coloured line markings applied for a range of other activities, these can include basketball and tennis.

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Netball Court Specialists in Bristol

According to BBC Sport, the success of netball has resulted in a surge in netball in the United Kingdom. As a result, today's netball court designs must provide both serious and recreational players with safety, comfort, and durability.

Choosing the correct netball court surface from the various options available is critical to provide safe, cushioned play for your users and ensure that future maintenance expenditures, such as netball court resurfacing, can be managed effectively.

Our team of skilled specialists can definitely help you out with this. As the experts, we supply and install these versatile sport surface facilities in a wide range of specifications and designs to suit different requirements for each project. 

We are netball court specialists in Bristol BS4 3 with years of experience within the sport surfacing industry.


Netball has always been a popular sport in the UK, especially at schools; therefore, there is a high demand for top-quality sports facilities which are durable and provide the best performance characteristics.

The most common choice for a school or leisure centre court is macadam surfacing; this hard specification provides ball bounce qualities that lend themselves to netball and enhance gameplay.

Specialists can also install polymeric rubber flooring to create similar performance capabilities to the macadam sports surfaces.

If you would like to find out more about the courts and specialist services we offer, please feel free to contact our specialist team, who are always happy to help respond to your queries.

Netball Line Markings Near Me

All the surface types we are specialists in are permeable to prevent flooding during wet weather. They can also be used for many sports if you’d like to install an all-purpose facility for basketball and tennis to go along with netball.

As professionals, we may apply non slip acrylic or polyurethane paint coatings to these hard surfaces to create greater traction, which is ideal for sports.

Line markings can also be sprayed onto the surface in a range of bright colours to differentiate between the separate sports on a MUGA facility. If you need any quotes on nearby netball court maintenance in Bristol BS4 3 or costs on new netball court construction, please fill in the contact form, and we may send you specifications, prices and information.

Sports Court Specialists 

As sport court specialists in Bristol BS4 3 we aim to find you the netball surfacing that is suitable for your facility and surrounding areas. We have years of experience and specialist knowledge to find you exactly what you want, at a great rate. The costs of netball court construction can vary depending upon a number of factors. Speak to us today if you would like to receive a free quote and more information regarding the local netball courts we can install closest to you. 

Netball Surfacing Experts in Bristol

Our professional service encompasses all aspects of the netball court construction process, including preparing the ground, constructing the surface itself, applying coloured paint coatings and installing additional features such as outdoor lighting and secure fencing.

As surfacing experts, we can help you through the design process for your new surface to make sure you choose the best specification and extra equipment to meet your requirements.

We can install specialist netball fencing in Bristol BS4 3 to suit your requirements for safety and security. You can find out more information about fencing here - or speak to our specialists today.

The whole process can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and the budget you have available so you can get the end product you’re looking for.

Sports surfacing experts may also provide maintenance services such as jet washing and repairs to ensure your surface is looked after properly and provides a safe and high-quality environment for players to develop their skills.


How to Maintain a Netball Court Near Me

For those wondering how to maintain a netball court after netball court construction, we recommend getting our professionals to follow these steps:

  1. Clean the court thoroughly each year
  2. Apply moss and algae treatment to prevent contamination on the surface
  3. Repair any cracks in the surfacing
  4. Apply a polyurethane binder if required to strengthen the surface
  5. Install anti-slip paint to the whole of your area every 3-5 years to enhance the overall look and play and improve slip resistance
  6. Apply line-markings onto the facility

The maintenance of your flooring should be straightforward. Our specialist team recommend you take a proactive approach to maintain your court in Bristol

This is because it will ensure that you can find any issues with the facility as soon as possible. This is vital in a school or educational facility because children's safety should always number one priority. For this reason, the specialist facilities that we offer are made to be as safe and secure as possible.

As specialists, we offer different types of surfacing that fit the owner's demands. For example, in a facility, type 2 macadam is usually installed because of the bounce advantages over others. In contrast, an artificial pitch would be installed for football and rugby because of the different safety measures to suit the sports.

It is therefore very important you consider the purpose of your flooring.

If it were made for recreational purposes in a school, the design would be much different than a competent court. This is because children are obviously not the same height as the professional players, so having netball court construction done in professional dimensions, the children will not be able to have fun, and the court will be too large for them.

Which netball court surfaces are right for your facility?

Netball can be played on various surfaces, including artificial all-weather grass, EPDM polymeric rubber crumb/tartan surfacing, and asphalt tarmacadam.

On the other hand, Macadam is the best tarmac flooring for different types of flooring because it has better slip resistance and better ball bounce.

What causes rust spots on a tennis court surface?

The rust patches are caused by pyrites, which are metallic minerals that infect the stone used to make asphalt. Vapour may pass through asphalt pavement and acrylic tennis surfaces, allowing them to breathe. When the mineral pyrites get moist, they rust, causing stains to rise into acrylic surfaces.

How much excavation will be required?

When it comes to calculating how much you need to dig up, all you need to know is the pit bottom's length and width, depth, and slope factor.

Approximations are permissible in estimation. For example, calculating the volume of a sloped sided pit using the average width is an inaccurate calculation of the number you desire, not an approximation. 

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We pride ourselves on offering specialist advice and services to all of our clients; We welcome any questions or inquiries you have regarding surfacing specifications, installations, and costs.


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