Netball Court Markings in Dorset

Netball Court Markings in Dorset

Whether you're having a new court installed or renovating an existing one, a fresh coat of netball line markings will enhance the playing qualities and ensure an attractive finish.

Netball Line Marking in Dorset

Netball Line Marking in Dorset

As professional sports court installers, we will apply netball line marking in a range of coloured designs to meet high competitive standards in clubs, schools and universities.

Specialists Netball Markings in Dorset

Specialists Netball Markings in Dorset

Line markings for netball can be applied to meet professional standards, however recreational facilities often have smaller sized markings to fit the available outdoor space.

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Netball Court Markings in Dorset

As experts in netball court markings in Dorset DT3 4 we are able to offer high quality services at affordable prices. With the installation of a new netball court, or the refurbishment of an existing one, it’s important to apply markings to the surface. This will give the area a professional finish and improve the game playing qualities of the whole facility. We are qualified contractors and we have carried out the application of markings for many different macadam and polymeric rubber surfaces at schools and clubs in the UK.

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What are Sports Court Markings?

Sports court markings are lines which are painted onto a facility to mark out the different sport lines. The macadam specification will usually have acrylic anti slip paint applied, whereas a polymeric EPDM surface has polyurethane paint instead. Both these paint types will have a mixture of sand and aluminium oxide added to them to help achieve different slip resistance ratings for individual activities and uses. The paint used for markings and full colour coatings helps the surface to maintain its porosity, meaning water is able to drain through it without causing flooding to the sports facility.

If you are unsure about the type of line paintings you need for your facility in Dorset DT3 4 you can talk to a member of our team by filling in our short enquiry form. We will be able to offer advice on designs, the sports you want to play and costs of installing specialist line-markings. Additional equipment such as floodlighting and specialist rebound fencing in Dorset DT3 4 can also be installed with our courts, so feel free to get in touch if you need any advice with regards to these accessories.

Line Marking in Dorset

When you have a court built at your school, leisure centre or private residential facility, there are a few different line marking designs you can choose from. Each of the anti slip paint types comes in a variety of colours including green, red, blue and purple, so you could choose a single colour or have a two tone design applied. Line-markings can also be applied for a multitude of activities with different line marking designs and colours for each activity. Tennis and basketball are both common sports which can be incorporated onto an existing surface to create a multipurpose area.

We have worked for years as netball facility contractors in Dorset DT3 4 with many nearby schools and leisure facilities to create top quality surfaces. Each of our products and services can be tailored to suit you and your requirements as we deal with both professional standard facilities and smaller practise areas. A price quotation will be made based on a number of factors such as your choice of specification, the site location, ground conditions and any extra maintenance or accessories you may need. However we can always make changes to the design to help you keep within a specific budget or price bracket.

How to Apply Court Markings Near Me

When applying netball court markings in Dorset DT3 4 our specialists follow these simple steps to ensure you get the best results: 

  1. Clean the surface to get rid of any dirt and contaminants
  2. Apply a moss and algae treatment 
  3. Lay the lines in the desired location
  4. Apply an anti slip coating to the surface

As experts, we have years of experience and specialist knowledge to provide your local facility with a high quality surface that is great for a range of sports and purposes. Speak to our team today if you are interested in finding out more information. Simply fill out the enquiry form provided and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

Netball Court Maintenance

It’s important to keep the surface properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis and a thorough clean should always be carried out before any new paint coatings or netball facility line-markings are applied near me. This'll ensure an even application of paint and line-markings which will last over time and through heavy use. To discuss costs for a cleaning and painting job for your facility, please send us your details through the contact form and we’ll get back to you with some more information. Netball court paintings are supplied with an effective anti-slip coating to ensure that no injuries can be caused from slipping and skidding across the surface. Over time, these can gradually wear off and need repainting. The repaint will revitalise the anti-slip feature. However, many issues come from a poor maintenance plan. Our team always recommend that you take a proactive maintenance plan to ensure that any dirt is cleared from your surface by a simple regular brushing session. This will make sure that no pores become clogged up with dirt. If this happens, your facility could face serious damage and flooding and it will lose the porosity.

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Netball court markings in Dorset DT3 4 are easily acquired. For more information on how you can acquire them, please feel free to contact our team of experts who will respond to you quickly and efficiently with all the answers you need.

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