Netball Court Construction in Derry

Netball Court Construction in Derry

The process of netball court construction can include preparing the ground, installing a suitable sub base and then applying the chosen surface type on top.

Netball Surface Installation in Derry

Netball Surface Installation in Derry

Depending on the playing qualities you need, we can install either tarmac or EPDM rubber netball surfaces to create good slip resistance for training and matches.

Netball Facility Builders in Derry

Netball Facility Builders in Derry

Whether you want a top quality professional court or a small recreational area, we will install a bespoke netball facility to suit your requirements and budget.

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Netball Court Construction in Derry

As experienced sports facility contractors, we have carried out numerous projects regarding netball court construction in Derry BT47 6 including, schools, colleges and clubs. We specialise in installing artificial sports surfaces such as macadam and polymeric rubber which both lend themselves to netball through their individual specifications.

The ball bounce and slip resistance qualities of these types are ideal for netball and can also be used for multi sports including tennis and basketball. The versatility of these flooring types makes them ideal for facilities at schools and clubs as these organisations near me do not always have the space available for lots of different sports courts and pitches to be build to accommodate each individual activity. Depending on each project's specification, the costs of building a netball court in Derry BT47 6 will vary on a number of factors. Area sizes and designs can be altered to help you stick to your budget and keep costs down. Feel free to fill in our enquiry form today if you would like to speak to us with regards to a quote.

What is Netball Court Construction?

The construction process for each of these types are relatively similar. First, the area is excavated to the required dimensions of a facility, then a geotextile membrane is put down and a dynamic stone sub base is laid out to create even foundations for the rest of the facility construction. For a macadam court, the contruction includes the macadam surfacing may be laid directly onto the sub base and left to set. For a polymeric rubber surface, a macadam base will be put down and the polymeric surfacing will then be installed onto this base layer. Both specifications are porous, therefore allowing training and matches to continue during wet weather and all year round. If you also require a resurfacing for netball court closest to you, speak to our local specialists today. We are happy to give you all the information you require in order to get the best results. 

Surface Installation in Derry

Once the surfacing itself has been put down in Derry BT47 6 the next stage of the installation is applying paint coatings and any extra equipment which may be needed. Either an acrylic or a polyurethane colour coating could be applied to create non slip properties which improve safety and make the flooring even better for netball. Specialist line markings will be applied to the surface, these can be of different sizes as netball facility dimensions in Derry BT47 6 are not always a standard area size. Additional features like rebound fencing, gates and outdoor floodlights can also be included with the full construction to make the completed area secure and to extend its usability into non daylight hours. Correct maintenance in your surrounding area will also help you to keep your new court safe and performing to its full potential for as long as possible after construction.

How to Construct a Sports Surface 

Constructing a netball pitch can be a difficult process, but as specialists, we are able to provide you with the highest standards. When installing a court, our experts follow these simple steps:

  1. Excavate the existing surfacing to required levels 
  2. Lay geotextiles membrane 
  3. Stone up to required levels
  4. Lay macadam subbase
  5. Optional layer of polymeric if required
  6. Paint the surfaces with non slip paint
  7. Apply line markings for a netball court.

We have years of experience and specialist knowledge to ensure you can get the best results possible. Speak to our specialists today to find more information. 

Maintaining a Netball Court Near Me

It’s always important to consider all of your options before you carry out a nearby construction project at your organisation, whether it’s a full sized professional court or a private recreational facility in Derry. We can help you create the right specification for your needs to give you the best possible sports flooring for your individual project. The maintenance of your facility is crucial which is why our team always recommend a proactive strategy. In netball, players frequently get injured by slipping and skidding across the floor. For this reason, our flooring comes with an anti-slip aggregate to prevent any injuries from happening. However, over time this coating can fade, meaning that players will be at risk of injuring themselves again. To counter this, you must regularly check your court and a regular cleaning process is recommended. This could include a simple sweeping with a brush which will also ensure that the pores of the floor stay clear and don't become clogged. If they do become clogged, there could be a risk of major flooding damage. It is also crucial that in the winter the floor is looked after. This is because any build up of ice puts the surface at a serious risk of permanent damage.

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Make sure you get in touch with us to discuss any netball surface construction enquiries you may have, as well as any questions in regards to maintenance and cleaning of an existing sports court, as this will allow our specialist team to fill you in on any information you require. Simply complete our enquiry form and we will respond with more details on netball court construction in Derry BT47 6 and costs of our services as soon as possible. 

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